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Beijing Olympic Games


Last night, I watched the grand opening of the Beijing Olympics. However, I cannot really say whether the opening was great or not because I have no other Olympic game openings to compare to. I did watch 2004 Athens Olympics, but I missed the opening that year. So as a person who has only watched the opening of Beijing Olympics, I would say the opening was 'hilarious'. Why? Yeah, I would say that many performances were interesting, but weren't they really funny with sooo many people? I don't mean to degrade the time and efforts of the participants, but it seemed that China only wanted to emphasize their population!(haha)

Anyways, I watched the entire parade of countries entering the stadium. It was worth watching with the two commenter's funny comments about each of the countries....and because of the uniforms!!! I mean I always thought that athletes would only wear formal suits, but looking at them in various attires, I was very impressed. One country that I remember was Rumania, and they were wearing that beautiful light blue jackets!(this could be wrong, though. I am not sure)

We are only on our first day of Olympics and we still have more than 2 weeks to go. I really hope nothing bad happens and wish for the best luck for our athletes in Beijing!

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it is so f***ing hot!


I didn't really mean to swear in my very first post in this blog, but today was reaaally hot. It was so hot that I felt I was becoming steamed chicken inside my house. Yeah, a steamed chicken. Don't ask me why it is a chicken though, it just felt like chicken.

It wasn't only after 11pm when the temperature started to go down a bit, so I am quite cool right now in front of my computer. I seriously would need to consider staying at school than coming home to spend the whole afternoon plus evening because the school at least provides us with no-limit air conditioner, set on 18 degrees, full blast!

Talking about air conditioner, it is so ironic and selfish of myself, and probably the majority of the human beings, that we are so afraid to use even thirty minutes of our time with the air conditioner on due to the possible high electricity bills when we are not so afraid to use the air conditioner in public places, most notably in 'schools'. Guess that is why human beings are destined to meet the end of the world by global warming. After all, we reap what we sow.

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