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Beijing Olympic Games


Last night, I watched the grand opening of the Beijing Olympics. However, I cannot really say whether the opening was great or not because I have no other Olympic game openings to compare to. I did watch 2004 Athens Olympics, but I missed the opening that year. So as a person who has only watched the opening of Beijing Olympics, I would say the opening was 'hilarious'. Why? Yeah, I would say that many performances were interesting, but weren't they really funny with sooo many people? I don't mean to degrade the time and efforts of the participants, but it seemed that China only wanted to emphasize their population!(haha)

Anyways, I watched the entire parade of countries entering the stadium. It was worth watching with the two commenter's funny comments about each of the countries....and because of the uniforms!!! I mean I always thought that athletes would only wear formal suits, but looking at them in various attires, I was very impressed. One country that I remember was Rumania, and they were wearing that beautiful light blue jackets!(this could be wrong, though. I am not sure)

We are only on our first day of Olympics and we still have more than 2 weeks to go. I really hope nothing bad happens and wish for the best luck for our athletes in Beijing!

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